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Guidelines for Crafting Superb Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures, often referred to as SOPs, are detailed guides that instruct employees on how to perform specific tasks correctly and efficiently. An SOP provides exact instructions and guidelines for the procedures necessary to complete a specific task or process. They are utilized across various industries to ensure tasks are performed consistently, efficiently, and with minimal risk of error or omission.

Did you realize that SOPs help to clarify the following aspects?

  • The individual accountable for the plan
  • The purpose of the plan
  • The timeline of the plan
  • The resources required to execute the plan

Why Standard Operating Procedures are Essential

While the development of Standard Operating Procedures requires time and effort, they can be extremely beneficial. Here are three specific reasons why your business should implement SOPs.

  • They boost productivity: SOPs provide your team with step-by-step instructions that they can easily follow to achieve consistent results, thereby enhancing your operational efficiency. When your staff knows exactly what to do and when to do it, they can deliver the desired results more quickly.
  • They promote safety: Every business wants its employees to be productive while also ensuring their safety and compliance with all regulatory requirements. A well-crafted SOP leaves no room for interpretation. It provides clear instructions on how to perform tasks, interact with other applications, etc., which can reduce the risk of accidents. Businesses with SOPs are generally safer and more compliant.
  • They expedite success: Productive employees achieve more than their less productive counterparts, leading to greater success for your organization. By creating SOPs for key processes, you can ensure that tasks are performed correctly even when they are executed by less experienced team members. SOPs can contribute to your company’s success both now and as it grows beyond its current size.

Creating Exceptional SOPs

Now that we understand what SOPs are and why they are important, let’s discuss how to create exceptional Standard Operating Procedures for your business. Follow these three crucial steps to create better SOPs:

1. Identifying and Prioritizing Procedures

Which procedures should you document first? SOPs should be created for critical tasks that need to be performed consistently. Remember, creating SOPs for every task would be a waste of time, so focus on the complex but necessary procedures.

2. Identifying Stakeholders

After determining the procedures to document, you need to identify the key stakeholders. Here, consider three parties: the audience, the creator, and the expert. Let’s briefly look at each of these stakeholders:

  • The Expert

This is the person who has the best understanding of the procedure you want to implement. This individual will be your most valuable resource when creating SOPs as they have the most knowledge about the procedure.

  • The Creator

The person who will actually create the SOPs is known as the creator. Look for someone who fits this role in your company’s marketing, sales, and customer service departments.

  • The Audience

Finally, consider those who will regularly follow the SOPs. Keep in mind that these individuals may not yet have extensive business or industry knowledge. 

3. Establishing SOPs

Now you can establish your SOPs. These documents often contain specific guidelines to follow. Here are four things to consider when creating your SOP:

  • Selecting a Format

As long as your SOPs succinctly and clearly describe business procedures, promote employee productivity, and result in consistent output, you’re good to go. However, be aware of a few common SOP formats, including hierarchical, step-by-step, and flowchart types.

  • Defining the End Goal

Make sure the final objective is crystal clear to ensure that readers understand exactly what the procedure will help them achieve. For example, if you’re creating an SOP for employee onboarding, your goal might be to simplify the process for management staff to train new hires and help them feel comfortable in their roles.

  • Simplifying the Document

When writing these types of documents for your business, use clear language and short sentences. It’s best to avoid complex words unless they enhance the reader’s understanding.

  • Incorporating Visual Images

Incorporating visual images is the easiest way to add graphics to your SOPs. With top-notch tools, you can quickly take photos while working and then edit them to perfection. Additional visual elements like flowcharts and diagrams can also make your SOPs easier to understand.


Creating exceptional SOPs is crucial if you want your business to experience significant growth. Following the guide we provided will assist you in achieving that goal, helping you scale your business.

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